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Leo Lonnie

"A Musical Treat For Dancing Feet!"


4-1--2023 LLSolo Time. Dusters, Columbus, NE.  PRIVATE

4-1-2023 LLSolo Time. Greene Place, Seward, NE 6-7 

4-5-2023 LLSolo Time. Kinship Point, Seward, NE 2-3

4-8-2023 LLO. The Y, Council Bluffs, IA 2-4:30

4-16-2023 LLO PB. Abie's Place, Abie, NE 4-8

4-23-2023 LLO PB. ZCBJ Hall, Du Bois, NE 1-4

4-30-2023 LLO. Eagle's Club, Wahoo, NE 2-5

The Leo Lonnie Groups provide the music you are looking for!  From old-time polkas and waltzes to big band.  The Leo Lonnie groups are truly "A Musical Treat For Dancing Feet!".  Click on the schedule button to see our latest schedule!  We hope to see you at our next dance!


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